Oral & Dental Care Products

since 1907. from Osaka,Japan to the world.

More than 100 years of history and creativity

More than 100 years has passed since Okamura, company specialized in production of brush, was established in Osaka in 1907. Since the foundation, we improved day by day our research and development in order to offer oral care products that incorporate spirit of innovation and experience.

We are one of the leader in brush manufacture and injection molding being ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certified company. From Osaka we expand our market to all over the world. We continue to support customers' dental care with our experience, innovative ideas and history.

Charity activities

On the earth, many people do not have interest in oral care due to poverty.

Through the activities of the Taiwan Dental College, in order to protect the health of their teeth and smiles, OKAMURA have conducted activities around the world to distribute free toothbrushes. OKAMURA promoted charity events and visited elementary schools, performing free dental treatment and teaching people how to correct brush their teeth in Southern India (Tibetan population center) and in Vietanm (Nha Trang and Binh Duong).

We will continue to support them and bring them to a better tomorrow.

Collaboration with dentists

At OKAMURA we know well what is necessary for an excellent oral health care.

In cooperation with leading dentists, OKAMURA put all the efforts to create products that will support a good maintenance of dental hygiene of people of all ages.

Gathering the newest info in the field of dental treatment, OKAMURA provide a large variety of dental care products in a broad range of materials and designs matching our customers' needs.

Experience + technology + design

We develop easy to use effective products thanks to our long experience in dental care and toothbrush design. Our motto "quality without compromise" is reflected in our product and production: a high-performance equipment, excellent production hygiene and superior quality control laboratory.

The design department by rapid prototype and latest technology 3D printer will create new solution.

Collaborating with designers of all over the world and incorporating in the product beauty, functionality and innovation also, we offer revolutionary oral care as never before.